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About the company

The company PROGLES s.r.o. is a forestry business, which maintains its own, private and state forest properties. To ensure a fully functioning system in forest management, we offer services in forest management plan establishment, project creation, subsidy application completion and realisation of subsidy projects, we perform planting activities, supply all necessary planting stock, process biomass, conduct logging activities, transport wood and buyout wood.

Our work is focused on providing complex forest management from an economic and environmental perspective. We perceive the forest and work with it like with a piece of nature and as a source of renewable raw materials. We work with the latest and most environmentally friendly technologies and respect the fundamentals of the coexistence between man and nature.

The main goal of the company is ongoing development of the company and establishing its very own foundation. The company’s credo in business relations is serious and precise fulfilment of contracts that have been concluded.


ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009

ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 – Quality management system compliance with requirements

By meeting the conditions of quality management system certification in accordance with ISO 9001 standard, the following prerequisites have been established in our company for

  • ongoing provision of production or services, which meet the requirements of the customer and the requirements of respective regulations
  • increased customer satisfaction, ongoing improvement in all scopes of company activity
  • increased competitiveness of the company

We met the conditions for receiving the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 certificate on 18.8.2005.

CFCS 1004:2006

CFCS 1004:2006 – Certification for the timber consumer network verification system

Holding the C-o-C certificate proves the implementation of a system, through which you can reliably verify the origin of timber. Moreover the certificate provides an opportunity for manufacturers, merchants and dealers to

  • improve their own access to the markets
  • present their responsible approach to sustainable development and environmental protection
  • improve the efficiency of their own business by implementing the system for monitoring the origin of the raw material
  • contribute to improving the image of the entire timber processing sector
  • support timber consumption and increase competitiveness in terms of other materials (steel, plastic, concrete, etc.)